Satelliten- und Aerogeophysik

Mohamed Sobh

Working group Satellite- and Aerogeophysics

Institute of Geosciences

Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel

Otto-Hahn-Platz 1

D-24118 Kiel, Germany

Tel.: +49 431 880 5794

Fax.: +49 431 880 4432


Prof. Dr. Jörg Ebbing


About myself:

  •          April 2015-Present: Ph.D. Researcher, Institute of Geosciences, Kiel University, Germany.
  •          April 2013-October 2013: Visiting Research fellowship, Geophysical Division, Earth Science Institute of the Slovak Academy of Science, Bratislava, Slovakia.
  •          2008-Present: Assistant Researcher, Geodynamics department, National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, Helwan, Cairo, Egypt.
  •          2013: M.Sc. in Geophysics, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.


Fields of Research:

  •          Integration of geophysical observations into 3D models of subsurface
  •          Satellite gravity and Isostasy
  •          Integrated Geophysical-Petrological modelling
  •          Lithosphere-scale 3D modelling


Since 2015: The lithospheric structure of the Saharan Metacraton from 3D integrated geophysical-petrological modelling



2012: Best oral presentation from the Egyptian Geophysical Society (EGS)



Sobh, M., Mansi, A. H., Campbell, S., Ebbing, J.: Regional gravity field model of Egypt based on the satellite and terrestrial data. Pure and Applied Geophysics (in press).


Sobh, M., Ebbing. J., Mansi, A. H., Götze, H.-J.: Crustal Thickness for Egypt from Inverse and 3D Forward Modelling of Combined Gravity Data. Tectonophysics (in preparation).


Sobh, M., Ebbing, J., Götze, H-J., Abdelsalam, M. G.: The lithospheric structure of the Saharan Metacraton from integrated geophysical-petrological modelling. Tectonophysics (in preparation).